This page last updated: 19 May 1998.

This page is still under construction. As in, I'll put up a photo and some other material when I get to it. I also plan to attach a bunch of essays I've previously posted in newsgroups and in e-mail.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I founded Love Song Productions. I'm also treasurer of Interfilk, a fan fund, and founder of M.A.S.S. F.I.L.C., a club centered on Eastern Massachusetts and also serving New Hampshire and Rhode Island. (Yum.) Both of those non-profit organizations have pages on this web site.

I was honored to be inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in April of 1997, the product of more than 24 years of involvement in the science fiction and filk communities.

I got started down that slippery slope when I was hit by a car the summer after second grade. While I was in the hospital recovering, my mother read me Have Space Suit, Will Travel. I found the specially lubricated and steep part of the slope as a college freshman, at the MIT Science Fiction Society.

I have big plans for this web site, and smaller plans for this page. Check back here once in a while, but not too often or you'll be bored.

I can be reached at, which I usually check several times a day.